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Tuition and Fees


We Keep our Tuition and Fees Simple and Reasonable
We have made very few changes to our pricing over the years,  although rising costs often dictate the changes that do occur from time to time.  The published annual tuition for grades K-8 is $5,700 for this upcoming school year.  Additional fees may apply, depending upon circumstances, including application and enrollment, transportation, books, and other miscellaneous costs.  To review our fee schedule click here.  All scholarships, grants, application refunds, worthy student funds, gifts, and any payment arrangements made with our finance department are deducted from the tuition.  The balance is then invoiced on a monthly basis.  For those who would like to enroll their children but feel that they cannot afford the costs of a private education, please note that our students typically receive one form of scholarship or another.  Many of the scholarships cover the entire cost of tuition.  Please check our Scholarships page for more details. 
Upon acceptance and before students may attend classes, all registration and financial forms must be completed and payment arrangements, if necessary, made in accordance with school policies.  If a student will be receiving scholarship funds or grants, the difference between the scholarship or grant amount and the published school tuition for the first month must be paid in full before the student can attend classes.  Timely payments must be made each month thereafter, unless other financial arrangements have been made.  

For those living in some of the outlying areas, a fee may be applied for transportation depending upon the geographic location.  For a bus route map and pick-up/drop-off times and locations click here.