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Our History


The Miracle School

At the beginning of April of 2015, launching a new Seventh-day Adventist school to serve Cochise County was not even on the horizon.  With the new school year rapidly approaching, the idea seemed virtually impossible.  Yet, as the month wore on, the thought of developing the new school metamorphosed from a dream into a reality.  Within just a couple of weeks, seventeen children were enrolled – an amazing feat for a school that existed only on paper at the time.  If the school had accepted kindergarten and first graders, the enrollment would have been close to thirty.  
Nonetheless, it was a series of miracles that brought the project to fruition.  Scholarship funds from third-party organizations - normally not available so late in the season - suddenly appeared making it possible for virtually every student to receive some form of scholarship.  Many received full scholarships - their entire tuition paid. Three churches in the area that had hardly communicated with each other in the past came together in unity for the first time to help develop and launch the new school.  A school board was formed to provide the necessary leadership to move the project forward.  Individual church members from the Bisbee Seventh-day Adventist Church purchased land adjacent to the church for the new building.  Volunteers stepped forward.  Equipment, books, and supplies were donated.  Funds were pledged by church members to help defray the cost of any unpaid tuition and to help support the ongoing project. Then, the most remarkable event of all occurred - the same church members who purchased the land for the school committed funds for a new building!  What began as a small school in a temporary facility is now a million-plus dollar school campus with a state-of-the-art classroom building and a multi-purpose facility for doing food preparation, woodworking, and other hands-on activities.  There is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has led this effort!  To read the full story in the Pacific Union Recorder click here.
Plans for the 2018-2019 school year include expansion of the agriculture (gardening) program that provides students with the opportunity to grow, harvest, and prepare food (from dirt to plate), vocational training including woodworking and automotive, a children’s television ministry, food preparation classes, and a comprehensive community service program.  The new campus has a track, basketball, a greenhouse, and a playground.  And while we do not engage in competitive sports, students have an opportunity to enjoy these outdoor activities on a non-competitive basis along with a comprehensive physical education program.  Together with classes on health and wellness, these programs ensure that students have the best opportunity to stay healthy and to avoid the many chronic diseases plaguing our country today. In terms of academics, classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology to enhance the learning experience. The entire effort at Cochise SDA is based upon a model that is both Biblical and state-of-the-art.
Cochise SDA is a one-of-a-kind school open to all residents of Cochise County.  If you want a superior Christian education for your children, consider enrolling them at our school!