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Calendars - Annual and Monthly School Events


Annual Calendar

  • The annual school calendar provides information on school holidays, teacher in-services, testing dates, parent-teacher conferences, school board meetings, and other special events. The calendar for the new school year is released in June.  It is distributed to parents and staff members via email.  To view or download a copy of the current school year calendar click here or on the calendar.


Monthly Calendar
The monthly school calendar contains all of the special events for the school including field trips, test dates, closure dates, board meetings, and special events.  The calendar also includes events at the churches affiliated with the school - particularly those events with which students may be involved.  To view or download a copy of the current monthly calendar click here or on the calendar. 


Although the monthly calendars include some of the classes students attend, particularly special classes such as music or food preparation,  it is not intended to be used as a class schedule.  To view or download a previous monthly calendar, click on the link at the bottom of this page.  To view or download a class schedule for the current semester, please refer to our page on classes.

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